Panjiri Recipe for New Mother – Gond Panjeeri Recipe

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Click to read Panjiri recipe for New Moms in Hindi. Also known as Whole Wheat Gaund Panjiri, Kamarkus Panjeeri for New Mothers, Rec…


Nisha Madhulika says:

Thanks for suggestion. I’ll try to make Rajgira Laddus also.

upasanister a says:

hi nisha mam , can u plz post receipt of RAJGARO/ A,ARANTH LADOO

Nisha Madhulika says:

Yes, ye gond ke nam se market men mil jata hai.

Bazeela Saeed says:

wowwwwwww yummmmy,but kindly tell me gond ka koi aur naam hai?yeh ise naam sy mily ge?

aparaajita10 says:

If u r in america (even in canada & UK) u cn find kamarkas in the Indian stores, especially those owned by Gujratis. TU also find there something called Vaivading, looks like pepprcorns but is smooth & dk brown. Add a tsp of this, 1 blk elaichi, 1/2 tsp saunf in 1 gallon water bring it to boil. Boil it for 2-3 min. & cool it.2 room temp. Use that water for the newborn baby & the mother for drinking water & 2 prepare the formula even f4 the older baby. Prevents colic, gas, & worms in children

aparaajita10 says:

Kamarkas is the resin (gond) fron the tree called Flame of the forest | Butea monosperma | Palash (Hindi name). It is not a sweetener, so jaggery can’t replace it. It is very astringent, diuretic, & helps the body getbrid of excess water after delivery, Also strengthens the ligaments & tones the musles. Prevents the backache that ususlly afflicts many women who’ve had children.

sanket arakh says:

Neeshaji, I am in other country with wife, both of us learned many recipes from Mom, but many things are remained, your recipes help so much…
We have small baby now, and We are making some mom’s recipes and some given by you..!!!
Thank you very much…! :) from me and family…

jollyjane08 says:

Loved this! I am pregnant – will ask my mom in law to make this in India and request her to get it here in US!

See Bee says:


Narinder Kaur says:

nisha g your all recipes very nice whichone u make,i like to much .

SuperMS911 says:

What is kamarkaas?? Can we substitute jaggery instead if jaggery kand. What is the difference between both please.

fozia aanwarr says:

Namaste Nisha ji

meri friend ha, she is 40 years old, she is trying to conceive, ap us ko keya recommand karen gi

happyflowers1212 says:

yum my mum used to make this with smolina and dry nuts.

gevelegian says:

i thought it was weed xD

C patel says:

delicious. tfs.

Moon Flower says:

delicious recipe

ac29 says:

Very nice recipe; thanks a lot for posting! I would like to point out a small correction…Apricots are not akhrot. Akhrot is known as Walnuts, Apricot is Khubaani.

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